Putting customers at the heart of your business remains a top management issue for most senior executives.

While much has been written about what this means for B2C, little has been done to explore what it practically means for B2B firms.

Stratevolve has developed a Customer Centric Framework specifically for B2B firms, consisting of 7 modules:

  1. Aspirations and Goals
  2. Customer Value Proposition
  3. Products & Services
  4. Customer Engagement Model
  5. Customer Economics
  6. Structure, Capabilities & Technology
  7. Customer Insights

Each module requires detailed consideration, because customer centricity is not about getting some of these right – it is about getting it all right, and using regular insights from your customers to refine and adapt.

With new entrants, challenger business models, changing regulations, B2B firms need to get better at addressing these challenges.

Stratevolve brings fresh thinking and a unique approach to this important issue.

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