Optimise decisions and improve your profitability


Our Finance consulting services leverage our business modelling, due diligence and chartered accountancy expertise to optimise decision-making and identify value drivers that improve your bottom line.

Our specific offerings within Finance consulting break out as follows:

Business Modelling

Business Modelling supports superior executive evaluation and decision-making. Business models can cover numerous situations – e.g. strategic options, corporate transactions, new market opportunities etc. – to help improve decision outcomes. We develop tailored business models that identify key valuation drivers and incorporate full financial modelling (in term of impact on profit & loss statement, balance sheet, and net free cash flow) to help analyse specific business scenarios

Commercial and Financial Due Diligence

Due diligence is a critical activity, best undertaken by independent expert parties, that helps avoids bad deals and embrace good deals. Commercial and financial due diligence support better investment decisions and maximizing the value portfolio performance post investment. We help corporates, asset managers and investors to spot risk and identify opportunities that lead to superior investment decisions.

Value Discovery™

Within a strategic business unit (a business, division, service line), there are factors that drive business value. Identifying these factors, and benchmarking your performance, helps identify opportunities to add value. Through undertaking a Value Discovery ™ review, we assess your business against multiple value-based metrics, determine a baseline estimate of current business value, and identify and quantify opportunities to enhance your business value.