Maximise the value of your business


Our Strategy consulting services draw on our proprietary strategy methodology and leading management research to maximise value creation and capture.

Our specific offerings within Strategy consulting break out as follows:

Corporate strategy

The fundamental issue at the Corporate level is the rationale for collecting different businesses under one corporate roof. We help our clients to identify how to create value from the centre. Our approach includes investigating opportunities to create value through five strategies: financial control, consolidation, scale, leverage and creativity.

Business unit strategy and finance

The core challenge of business unit strategy is how to effectively compete and gain and sustain advantage. We help our clients to gain insights into where to compete; how to gain competitive advantage; what resources and capabilities to protect, leverage and enhance; and how to change. We provide a structured approach, using proven tools and techniques including in-depth financial analysis, financial modeling, and valuation, to improve performance and raise company value.

Growth strategy

Pursuing high growth poses unique challenges. These often include identifying attractive market opportunities, generating innovative product and service value propositions, and determining required internal assets and capabilities. We help our clients to address these challenges and make the right investments to meet their growth goals.

Client Centric Strategy

A client centric strategy is a business model and way of operating that consistently puts client experience and interests at the heart of all decisions and activities. Based on a decade of research and experience in client centric strategy, we have developed a comprehensive framework – Client SightTM – that guides firms on how to be client centric and create superior economic returns. We help our clients to develop client centric aims and goals, create compelling value propositions, re-engineer products and services, design superior client experiences, undertake in-depth client economic analysis, and develop new client centric capabilities. Our suite of tools and techniques includes a powerful real-time behavioral analytical platform that provides unprecedented insight into actual behaviour and the quality of interactions with clients.

Strategic issue resolution

Specific strategic issues arise that require expert input and analysis to resolve. These issues are often driven by market trends and events, technology changes or performance gaps that present specific challenges and opportunities. We work with clients to develop a structured approach to investigate and resolve specific issues, drawing on point expertise as required. Resolution often impacts on business models, organisational structures, business processes and technology enhancement.