At Stratevolve, we draw on leading management research to provide informed ideas and insights that shape our business advice and strategy solutions.


Our approach to developing strategy and resolving business issues is inclusive of client management which generates higher quality and pragmatic solutions.


Our concern is to make sure that our conclusions result in strategic initiatives and link through to action.


Since 2001, we have demonstrated a track record of undertaking strategy and business technology consulting projects that are insightful, valuable and represent an outstanding return on investment.

Our clients are senior executives or management teams who need to further develop their business strategy, resolve a strategic or major business issue, or want an independent expert report on the merits and value of a major strategic or commercial transaction.

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European regulation for financial markets is dramatically impacting strategic positioning and business models for investment banks, brokers and asset managers to a degree not experienced since deregulation in 1986.

Significant regulatory change and market forces are creating a “perfect storm” which will radically alter the prospects of many established firms on both the buy-side and sell-side. Stratevolve has been researching this phenomenon over the last 2.5 years and has identified six strategic themes and major challenges that will sort the winners from the losers. Read more.

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