Our core philosophy


The name Stratevolve results from combining the terms “strategy” and “evolve” (or evolution).

This combination of terms reflects our core philosophy that firms are open systems that are part of a larger economic environment. Therefore, the key to firms surviving and thriving is to constantly evolve in response to environmental stimuli, as well as proactive market insight.

Adopting a philosophy that appreciates firms as “complex systems” requires that firms engage in activities that mirror variation (creating new ideas), selection (testing the merits of those ideas in the market), and retention (adopting new directions and capabilities based on initiatives that demonstrate value).

Our strategy engagements reflect this core philosophy. Our strategy projects typically involve gaining a thorough understanding of the business environment, identifying strategic options that create value, setting up various trials and experiments to gain feedback and on value creation potential, and undertaking advanced financial modelling to understand the enterprise level impact on incremental firm value.