Strategic Issues


Resolve issues and capitalise on opportunities to gain advantage.

Our strategic expertise covers a wide range of specific issues (such as developing options for growth, achieving operational efficiency, optimising organisational design, etc.) to enhance competitiveness.

Strategic Issue Resolution

Specific strategic issues arise that require expert input and analysis to resolve. These issues are often driven by market trends and events, technology changes or performance gaps that present specific challenges and opportunities.

We work with clients to develop a structured approach to investigate and resolve specific issues, drawing on point industry and subject matter expertise (SME) as required. Resolution often impacts business models, organisational structures, business processes and technology deployment.

A sample of prior project issues includes:

  • Growth strategy – identifying and assessing options for profitable growth;
  • Operational efficiency – analysing and benchmarking costs against best practice, and identifying initiatives to realise savings;
  • Organisational design – optimising organisation design, roles and responsibilities, and reporting relationships to facilitate efficient and effective division of work roles and tasks;
  • Business process re-engineering – design and implementation of improved core business processes that are substantially more effective and efficient in meeting process aims;
  • Client centricity – transforming firms (or SBUs or divisions) to be more client centric. Thus delivering higher client perceived value and gaining a competitive edge in the acquisition, retention and ongoing management of clients leading to greater value capture; and

Market landscape review – a snapshot exercise to assess the major market events, trends, dynamics and strategic implications for clients.