Working in partnership


Our services extend to working in partnership with our clients to successfully undertake strategic change through optimising organisational design and implementing leading change management practices.

Organisational design

Changes in strategy and business priorities often necessitate changes in organisational design. Organisational design must be appropriate to meet set goals and fit with the external environmental context. Further, the organisational structure must be coherent with the related systems, processes and people. We draw on the extensive field of management research into organisational design to determine which organisational model is best suited to our clients’ circumstances, and further tailor this to fit our clients’ business model.

Strategic change

Managing strategic change is generally more difficult than it first appears. Many strategies fail at the stage of re-orientating the organisation in line with its strategy. We help clients to successfully undertake strategic change through clearly identifying what needs to change, and selecting the appropriate process of change. When planned change is appropriate, we draw on best practices in programme management including milestone management, risk and issues management, and scorecard reporting.

Strategic communications

Effective strategic communication is essential to get your message across to clients, customers and colleagues. Successful strategic change initiatives invest in designing and implementing effective communication programmes and utilising the most appropriate communication channels. We help clients to craft tailored messages, coach senior management in communication skills, produce communications content and deliver effective strategic communications.