“Stratevolve was formed based on insights from the strategy consulting sector and business academia. It struck us that there was an opportunity to combine the best of these two worlds: to offer a strategy consulting service that drew on business research insights from academia, and to combine this with top tier strategy consulting analytical capabilities.

Our motivation is to bring informed ideas and insights to our clients, and to work inclusively to develop effective strategy that yields outstanding returns.”

– Dr Paul Raspin


Dr Paul Raspin

Founder and Managing Director

Founded in 2001

Stratevolve was founded in 2001 by Professor Cliff Bowman and Dr Paul Raspin while undertaking joint strategy research at Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University.

The broad idea behind founding Stratevolve was to close the gap between business academia and strategy consulting, providing clients with academically grounded yet practical advice on how to create and capture significant value.

Both Cliff and Paul believed that strategy projects could benefit from being grounded in business research insights and that strategy projects should lead to practical outcomes (not “strategy decks left on the shelf”) that make businesses more valuable.

Helping make firms more competitive

Stratevolve is a strategy consulting firm that helps client gain and sustain competitive advantage.

We specialise in working with senior executives or management teams in multi-national firms or high growth potential firms to gain and sustain advantage.

Since 2001, our firm has worked with many leading UK public and private companies across a wide range of industries, with a specialism in the financial services sector.